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Jennifer Lind – Featured Alumnus

Jennifer is the CEO of Jackson Care Connect, a regional healthcare company created in 2012, working towards creating better health for people in the community. As an undergraduate, Jennifer always had an interest in the intersection of health and human experience and how equity can be achieved.

Zach Rodriguez – Featured Alumnus

As an archeologist for the Forest Service, it is Zach’s job to manage projects including archeological sites for local tribes. Through his ability to work with people from many different backgrounds, Zach understands how cultural values shape identity. Being sensitive to histories allows him to have successful interactions with the people he works with.

Eirik Thorsgard – Featured Alumnus

With experience working in archeology and education, Eirik is now working for the National Parks Service as a cultural anthropologist and American Indian tribal liaison at Yosemite National Park in California. Providing a voice inside of lands that are managed by federal agencies is work Eirik is passionate about.

Heather Lowe – Featured Alumnus

Prior to her current position as grant coordinator for the Phoenix/Talent School District, Heather Lowe worked for eight years as an elementary school teacher at Talent Elementary. Heather’s experience in writing grants for Talent Elementary coupled with her reading and ELL endorsements have helped her transition smoothly from teacher to grant coordinator.

Laura Beaton – Featured Alumnus

Laura Beaton enrolled at SOU with the goal of becoming an environmental lawyer and chose Sociology to improve her writing and research skills. While pursuing her degree, Beaton was highly involved with extracurricular activities such as ASSOU, as the director of administration and finance, and the Sociology club.

Michelle Glass – Featured Alumnus

Michelle is the Southern Oregon regional director of Oregon Action, a state-wide social justice nonprofit. She is based in Medford, Oregon. As a sociology undergrad, Michelle interned with Oregon Action and discovered that its mission to build an intercultural movement for justice aligned with her personal values and desire for collaborative and meaningful work.

Amy Cohen – Featured Alumnus

Amy chairs the anthropology program at Okanagan College in British Columbia, and she co-founded Radical Action with Migrants in Agriculture (RAMA),  a non-profit advocating social justice for migrant and indigenous people.