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Southern Oregon University

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Outreach Staff


Kelly Moutsatson, Director of Admissions

Kelly Moutsatson / Director of Admissions

Kelly plans, directs and oversees the Office of Admissions in servicing students, staff and faculty for SOU.

Ian Parent, Associate Director of Admissions

Ian Parent / Associate Director of Admissions

Prospect HS, South Medford HS, Central Medford HS, Southern California, Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Northern Mariana Islands

Andrew Clum, Admissions Counselor

Andrew Clum / Admissions Counselor

Crater HS, North Medford HS, St. Mary's School, Lower Willamette, South Coast (OR), North Coast (OR), Colorado, Montana, Nevada

Patrick Gonzales, Admissions Counselor

Patrick Gonzales /Admissions Counselor

Ashland HS, Eagle Point HS, Armadillo Tech, Eastern Oregon, Central Oregon, Northern Oregon, Sacramento (CA), Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota

Erin Doering, Regional Admissions Counselor

Erin Doering / Admissions Counselor

Mid Willamette, West Portland, Portland Metro

Brent Florendo, Native Nations Liaison  

Brent Florendo / Native Nations Liaison

Operations Staff

Zac Olson, Association Director of Admissions Operations

Zachary L Olson /Associate Director of Admissions

Zac manages the operations team and serves as the campus residency officer.

Nicole Gutrich, Admissions Communications Coordinator

Nicole Gutrich / Admissions Communications Assistant

Nicole assists in managing content for Admissions publications, communications and website.

Ryan Fisher, Admissions Production Specialist

Ryan Fisher /Admissions Communication /Production

Ryan manages the Admissions communications database. 

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Brooke Goodson / Evaluator

Brooke evaluates incoming transcripts for admissions applications.

Jessica Martinez, Evaluator

Jessica Martinez / Evaluator

Jessica evaluates incoming transcripts for admissions applications.

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Jan Andress / Processing Assistant

Jan assists with data entry of applicant information.

Cheryl Ramirez, Information Specialist

Cheryl Ramirez / Information Specialist

Cheryl assists the public with general questions about the university and the admissions process.

Jessica Valenzuela, Information Specialist

Jessica Valenzuela / Information Specialist

Jessica assists the public with general questions about the university and the admissions process.