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I need to complete pre-requisites before starting a graduate program. Do I have to apply twice?

You will only need to submit one application to the university. When you submit your application, choose the term you plan to start your graduate program. There will be an option for you to indicate that are taking pre-requisite courses before beginning your graduate studies.

I am interested in more than one graduate program. How does that work?

Students must submit a university application, with payment, for each program. Although you will send only one set of transcripts to the Office of Admissions, you will need to submit a set of supplemental materials to each program separately.

Can I pursue more than one master’s degree at a time?

SOU allows students to enroll in only one graduate program at a time.

Can I earn a certificate at the same time as a second bachelor’s or master’s degree?

Yes, certificates can be earned in conjunction with a second bachelor’s or master’s degree.

My graduate program says I’m eligible for “postbaccalaureate” status. What does that mean?

Postbaccalaureate study means that you have been offered a spot in the program on a trial basis. You may need to complete some pre-requisite course work, turn in exam results for a graduate specific exam, or show success in graduate-level course work. Your graduate program will provide you with more information.

Do graduate programs offer conditional admission to international students?

Most graduate programs do offer conditional admission to international students. Conditional admission means that the student meets all admission requirements, except for the English Proficiency requirement. These students will be asked to begin their studies in the Intensive English Program. Conditional admission decisions will not be made until the student has submitted materials for a complete record with the Office of Admissions and the graduate program.

When will I learn whether I am admitted?

Students seeking admission for a second bachelor’s degree or certificate program will be contacted in approximately 4 weeks via regular mail from the Office of Admissions. If you were admitted, your letter will include registration instructions.

Students seeking admission to a graduate program will be contacted directly by the program. If you have questions regarding your admission status, contact the graduate program directly.

I’m a graduate of SOU. Do I still have to pay the fee?

Yes, all applicants are required to pay the application fee.

I’m a graduate of SOU. Do I still have to turn in my transcripts?

You do not need to send in any transcripts, unless you have attended college somewhere else since you graduated from SOU.

Can I switch programs once I begin?

Switching programs is handled between graduate departments.