SOU Visual Storytelling Southern Oregon University

Visual Storytelling, Micro-Credential

The Visual Storytelling badge combines basic skills in visual communication and photographic storytelling suitable for entry-level practice in media professions such as journalism, professional social media, and content marketing.

values based leadership microcredentials economics Southern Oregon University

Values-Based Leadership, Micro-Credential

A badge in Values-Based Leadership is an experiential learning opportunity that gives curious learners an opportunity to analyze community needs and prototype local solutions in collaboration with established local businesses as well as social and commercial entrepreneurs.

Team Leadership and Collaboration Micro Credential SOU

Team Leadership & Collaboration, Micro-Credential

This Micro-Credential will teach social and emotional intelligence and how these competencies can strengthen leadership skills, enhance personal and professional growth, and promote a deeper understanding of collaboration.

Sustainable Food Systems Micro Credential Southern Oregon

Sustainable Food Systems, Micro-Credential

The micro-credential in sustainable food systems prepares students entering into food system-related careers to better understand sustainable systems utilized in production, distribution, processing, sales, and waste reduction.

Churchill Hall Supporting Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Adult Learners Microcredential Education SOU

Supporting Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Adult Learners, Micro-Credential

Prepare to support the learning of adult second language learners in educational and work settings.

story development for screenwriting microcredentials digital cinema Southern Oregon University

Story Development for Screenwriting, Micro-Credential

By completing Southern Oregon University’s 12-credit badge in Story Development for Screenwriting, students demonstrate their ability to pitch and develop screen stories for film and television.

STEM Education Undergraduate Micro credential Badge Southern Oregon University

STEM Education (Undergraduate), Micro-Credential

The Undergraduate STEM Education Badge is earned by taking at least four courses across education and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines.

STEM Education Graduate Micro credential Badge Southern Oregon University

STEM Education (Graduate), Micro-Credential

The STEM Education micro-credential will prepare participants for leadership roles as a STEM teacher or curriculum specialist working in either PK-20 or informal education systems.

SOU Spanish for Health Care Micro Credential

Spanish for Health Care Micro-Credential

The Spanish for Health Care badge/micro-credential is designed to equip current and future professionals in the healthcare industry with the language and intercultural skills necessary to communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking patients.

Spanish for Educators Micro Credential at SOU

Spanish for Educators, Micro-Credential

The Spanish for Educators micro-credential prepares students to communicate in Spanish at an advanced level and in contexts relevant to the field of education.