Linda Schott Kelly Moutsatson Virtual Q A Cover

How do we introduce prospective students to our campus if we can’t physically bring them here for a tour? How have we removed barriers for students seeking admission to college? How have Raider Registrations shifted during this time of remote delivery?

SOU President Adventures in Zoom Learning Sociology of Health Illness and Healthcare Read Story

When I received the invitation to drop into Dr. Larry Gibb’s sociology class and learned that the lecture would focus on public health and the effects of socioeconomic status on health outcomes, I thought there could not be a more appropriate time to have this discussion.

Virtual Visits with the SOU President 3 Cover

How does a university shift its entire athletic program to remote delivery in the face of a global pandemic? How do we keep athletes motivated & on schedule when they can’t be on the field to practice? What does the future hold for sports at SOU? President Schott’s latest Virtual Visit, with SOU Director of Athletics Matt Sayre, will answer those questions & more.

SOU President Adventures in Zoom Learning Synchronized Chaos Cover

How does a group of percussionists synchronize a concert when they can’t be in the same room together to rehearse, let alone on the same stage to perform? I discovered the answers in music professor Terry Longshore’s percussion class recently: stopwatches, sheet music, and rice.

SOU Virtual Visits with the President 2 Linda Greg Perkinson Watch Video

We answer questions about SOU’s response to COVID-19 and more in today’s installment of our new series, “Virtual Visits with the President.” My guest is Greg Perkinson, SOU’s vice president for finance and administration, who discusses our institution’s financial health and helps me answer questions about SOU operations during the pandemic.

SOU President Blog Post Adventures in Zoom Meetings and the Power of Storytelling Read More

Professor Andrew Gay was gracious enough last week to allow me to attend his Storytelling class via Zoom. This opportunity presented a welcome respite from my normal duties as president, and a reminder of my days – long ago now – as a full-time faculty member.

SOU Virtual Visits with the President Watch Video

In today’s episode, I invited ASSOU President Britney Sharp to help me answer some of the questions we have seen circulating on social media. Britney has done an incredible job in her role as ASSOU president, particularly in light of the recent challenges our campus and larger community have faced, and it was a pleasure to have her join me.

SOU Presidents Blog Unprecedented Times Cover

“These are unprecedented times” – a phrase we have all been hearing, and perhaps even uttering ourselves. What does that mean exactly, and why does it matter?

Uncertainty in Higher Education Southern Oregon University Read More

There was no email when I began my career in higher education in 1985, teaching history. There was an internet but it wasn’t widely available – and certainly not to faculty members in my field.

SOU Presidents Blog My commitment to Oregons Native American Tribes

We observed Indigenous Peoples Day on our campus this week, and the third annual event brought to mind the words of an 11th-grade student who took part this summer in SOU’s Konaway Nika Tillicum residential program for Native youth: