SOU Newly Implemented Digital Cinema Undergraduate Program Story

Digital Cinema Program: First Term a Success!

The newly implemented Digital Cinema undergraduate program at SOU is nearing the end of its first term. The newly implemented Digital Cinema undergraduate program at Southern Oregon University is nearing the end of its first term. The plan for the new major is to build upon the pre-existing Digital Cinema concentration within the Communication major while delving deeper into filmmaking education.

SOU Eco Adventure Coastal Redwoods Smith River Read More

Ecoadventure: Coastal Redwoods Fall 2019

Kickstarting the Fall term with a Thursday night meeting, the Fall 2019 Eco-Adventure course gathered for the first time to meet each other and set clear expectations for the upcoming weeks.

Mattie Motz SOU Communication Studies Degree Major Cheerleeder Cover

Student Spotlight: Mattie Motz

Southern Oregon University Communication major Mattie Motz has been named captain of the Raiderettes dance team for the second year in a row.

SOU Environmental Science Field Trip Tour of the Southern Oregon Bioregion Cover

Field Trip: Tour of Southern Oregon Bioregion

Every year the incoming Environmental Science and Policy students all take part in a tour of Southern Oregon’s bioregion. The idea of this class is to introduce new students to the area and the gorgeous diversity of landscapes, flora, and fauna that is Southern Oregon; from Crater Lake National Park to the coastal region, it gives incoming students a sense of place at their new school.

SOU Communications Instructor Melissa Matthewson Book Cover

Faculty Focus: Melissa Matthewson Book Launch

Communication program instructor Melissa Matthewson celebrated the release of her new book, Tracing the Desire Line, with readings in Jacksonville and Ashland earlier this month.

SOU Student Travels Exploring the Yucatan Cover

Student Travels: Exploring the Yucatan

In January of this year, I departed Ashland, Oregon to live and work in Akumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico. I had two main objectives. First, I wanted to improve my Spanish language skills through long-term immersion. Second, I wanted to work with local research groups to better understand the impacts of a major environmental problem in the region. In late June, my colleague, Leslie Eldridge, arrived with 14 outstanding SOU students to learn more about the culture and environment of the Yucatan region of Mexico.

SOU Digital Cinema Promo Makes it to Silver Screen Cover

Digital Cinema: Promo Makes it to Silver Screen

A video created by SOU students to promote the university’s new Digital Cinema degree program will screen before films at Coming Attractions Theatre locations across Oregon, northern California, Washington and Alaska.

SOU Communication Faculty Jess Columbo Teaches Strategic Social Media Cover

Faculty Focus: Jess Columbo Teaches Strategic Social Media

The Communication program at Southern Oregon University has offered a course in Strategic Social Media since 2015, but our section of COMM323 in the Spring of 2019 added a new twist: prominent Portland-based social media strategist Jess Columbo joined our faculty to teach an online version of the popular course.

Southern Oregon University Outdoor Adventure Leadership Preogram Mt. Diller

Ryan Brim: Last Few Turns Before Last Few Finals

Winter is over for most students here at SOU but for two students Ryan Brim and Jared Seiders, they were not willing to accept this fact. Instead, they trekked deep into Mount Lassen National park to find the last few turns they could before returning to take the last few finals they would ever have to take in their college careers.

Read More about the Communication Online Minor Program Southern Oregon University Student at Computer

Communication Studies Minor Degree: Now Offered Fully Online!

Starting in 2019, SOU students can complete a minor in Communication Studies fully online! These online courses provide flexibility as you complete your SOU degree, while also helping you to navigate your career and family life.