Jordan Hartman KPIX CBS5 English Program Stories at SOU cover

Jordan Hartman went from a fresh SOU graduate to working with KOBI-TV NBC5 in just a few short months. In college, he strove to be a TV producer, and now he works as a freelance producer with KPIX5 CBS in the San Francisco Bay Area. English majors are great candidates for TV producers and other jobs in the television field.

Teresa Connelly Hanah Cronin Kevin Boringot John Kellogg English Program Stories SOU cover

Before finals week of fall term 2021, the SOU English Program hosted a panel of four Rogue Valley teachers. This event served as a resource for students who are interested in teaching. Kevin Boringot, John Kellogg, Teresa Connelly and Hanah Cronin answered an array of questions and gave great advice for potential teachers.

Peyton McGovern Catching Up with Alumni English Program Stories SOU cover

Former SOU student and PSU alumni Peyton Humphries McGovern is putting her English major to work in her current position with AmeriCorps. She has also published work with The Immigrant Story advocating for women and immigrants.

Cloud Dragon Glass Bridge Vietnam Kelley Lusk English Stories Southern Oregon University cover

After graduating from SOU in 2019, Kelley Lusk began their journey of teaching abroad in Vietnam. They worked in Phu Ly, Ha Nam, Vietnam for nearly a year, and now they work as a Print Book Editor for Blackstone Publishing.

Schneider Museum of Art Robert Arellano Shop EMDA Made for the Holidays EMDA Stories SOU cover

With the approach of this holiday season, we’d like to take a megabyte to feature our amazing makers! Why not set aside a little bit of your gift budget this season to support EMDA students who share their creativity through product design?

English Alum Laura Payne is currently working as a Special Commissioned Instructor at Shimane University in Japan. Before the pandemic, she had been in the Shimane Prefecture for three years as an Assistant Language Teacher through the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program. Read more to learn about her teaching-abroad journey.

Ciera Leanne Cox English Program Stories SOU cover

Have you ever thought about going into the publishing industry? SOU alumni Reilly Nycum and Ciera Leanne Cox both work at Blackstone Publishing. They share their passion for their careers and experiences of getting where they are now.

SOU Ecoadventure Explore Ecuadors Andes and Amazon Cover

We invite you, regardless of your major, to join us for an exciting 11-day journey to Ecuador! The course will focus on the impacts of tourism and development on the culture and environment of Ecuador.

Ebo Barton won 5th in the world at Individual World Poetry Slam in 2016 and since then, their career has flourished. This is an interview-style post that shares their journey of slam poetry and includes advice for aspiring writers here at SOU! Photo by Cameron Thomsen.

Katherine Dion Poetry as Witness Students Tackle Podcasting English Stories SOU cover

The English Program at SOU provides students with a wide variety of classes and assignments. Alma Rosa Alvarez discusses the reasoning behind the podcasting final for her ENG 447 class. Featuring student perspectives from Jewel Blanchard, Katherine Dion, and alumni Jaz Waters.