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Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies leads the way with the creation of a Transgender Studies certificate – the first in the nation! Starting this fall term, we also offer a brand new major in GSWS.

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As we move from the acute to the chronic phase of the Coronavirus Pandemic, many of us in the percussion community has elevated concerns for opportunities lost to percussionists, especially young percussionists and emerging professionals due to travel restrictions and limits placed on concert-giving. We cannot solve every problem; indeed, the most vexing difficulties of this time involving livelihood and job prospects are beyond our reach.

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As environmental scientists, we are aware of many of the incredible challenges facing people and our environments, now and in the future. Climate change, human population growth, stressed water supplies (the list goes on and on) all challenge our basic ability to support our communities, and the ecosystems that support those communities. This includes our ability to grow and produce food for our ever-increasing population.

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In my first year, I became aware of many complex foreign language (FL) pedagogy challenges in my teaching context and knew I needed more up-to-date, in-depth knowledge to tackle those issues. SOU’s SLI program was ideal, because I didn’t have to give up my teaching job, and it offered a real immersion in French culture.

The Farm at SOU Wetland Restoration Story

Wetlands are characterized simply as an area where water is covering land; this could be freshwater saltwater or a combination of the two. They provide important habitat for many species of mammals, birds, fish, and invertebrates. In addition, they offer valuable ecosystem services like water filtration, storm protection, and flood control. Roughly 40% of Oregon’s wetlands have been drained, and in 22 states at least 50% of wetlands have been drained.

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The newly implemented Digital Cinema undergraduate program at SOU is nearing the end of its first term. The newly implemented Digital Cinema undergraduate program at Southern Oregon University is nearing the end of its first term. The plan for the new major is to build upon the pre-existing Digital Cinema concentration within the Communication major while delving deeper into filmmaking education.

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Kickstarting the Fall term with a Thursday night meeting, the Fall 2019 Eco-Adventure course gathered for the first time to meet each other and set clear expectations for the upcoming weeks.

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Southern Oregon University Communication major Mattie Motz has been named captain of the Raiderettes dance team for the second year in a row.

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Every year the incoming Environmental Science and Policy students all take part in a tour of Southern Oregon’s bioregion. The idea of this class is to introduce new students to the area and the gorgeous diversity of landscapes, flora, and fauna that is Southern Oregon; from Crater Lake National Park to the coastal region, it gives incoming students a sense of place at their new school.

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We invite you, regardless of your major, to join us for an exciting 12-day journey to Ecuador! The course will focus on the impacts of tourism and development on the culture and environment of Ecuador.