SOU Honors College Democracy Project in Sweden

Honors College Democracy Project 2023: the Nordic way

Democracy Project goes Nordic

The SOU Honors College took its Democracy Project trip for 2023 to the Nordic countries of Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, studying various elements of those societies that contribute to their brands of democracy.

SOU Inspiring Change Agents Mentorship Propels Emerging Native Scholars Journey Cover

Inspiring Change Agents: Mentorship Propels Emerging Native Scholar’s Journey

Kayla Dumore wanted to stay close to home when she was thinking about college. Since she grew up in Central Point and graduated from Crater Renaissance Academy, place was an important factor in her decision making. She chose SOU as a way to stay close to family and also because of one of her influential mentors, Native American Studies faculty member Brent Florendo, guided her toward SOU as an exceptional educational choice.

SOU English Program 2022-2023 Year in Review Cover

2022-2023: Year in Review

By Jewel Blanchard, senior English major

As the 2022-2023 academic year draws to a close, we take a moment to reflect on and celebrate the highlights, accomplishments, and achievements of this year in our very first Year in Review blog story! Includes recognition of graduating seniors, faculty, English Program student workers, and other English students!

SOU From Hon 319 Southern Oregon University on Facebook

From SOU’s HON 319: The Reality of Strawberries from Mexico

In Southern Oregon University’s class HON 319: Nature, Culture, Mexico, we dived into research articles about water quality, access to water, and the effects of agricultural practices on water availability throughout Mexico.

Wilson Elementary Students Visit SOU English Program at Southern Oregon University

Wilson Elementary Students Visit SOU

By Jewel Blanchard, senior English major

On May 9, Lady Vanderlip, SOU faculty in Spanish, facilitated a field trip of English Language Learners (ELLs) from a Medford 2nd grade class to get them thinking about college at an early age. The students and their teacher Maria Lumbreras visited the SOU campus, met Rocky the Raider, read a book written by senior Education major Jose Villalobos, and learned about art on campus. Featuring perspectives from Lady Vanderlip, Maria Lumbreras, and Jose Villalobos.

Southern Oregon University New BFA Expands Access to Affordable Film Video Education Cover

Southern Oregon University’s New BFA Expands Access to Affordable Film & Video Education

Continuing to build its booming curricula in film & video production, the Communication, Media & Cinema program at Southern Oregon University secured final state approval for a new Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Digital Cinema Production Arts in April, 2023. The BFA debuts starting in Fall, 2023.

SOU Hollywood Cinematographer Chris Nibley Connects Student Filmmakers with On Set Learning at Southern Oregon University Cover

Hollywood Cinematographer Chris Nibley Connects Student Filmmakers with On-Set Learning at SOU

In Spring 2023, Nibley and co-instructor Chris Lucas are teaching DCIN 321: Cinematography, an immersive course focused on teaching cinematography from a technical, aesthetic, and craftsmanship perspective. As an established professional in the film industry, Nibley’s experience and knowledge of cinematography offer an invaluable resource for Digital Cinema students.

SOU CCJ 389 Spring Break Trip to Ireland Cover

CCJ 389 Spring Break Trip to Ireland

For spring break this year, 13 adventurous SOU students embarked on a transatlantic journey to visit Ireland and Northern Ireland as part of the Criminology and Criminal Justice study away class CCJ 389. The class, which met throughout Fall term 2022, culminated with the study abroad component for 8 days during spring break 2023.

SOU Blog Blog on Facebook

The Blog Blog

By Jewel Blanchard, senior English major

No, that’s not a typo in the title– this is a blog post all about the blog! In this special edition of the blog, catch up with each of the three past and present English Program bloggers to learn more about their experience, and why YOU should consider applying for the blog internship for next year! Featuring past and present student blogger perspectives from Dianira Piceno, Sophia Lorusso, and Jewel Blanchard.

SOU English Students Present at Undergraduate Literature Conference Cover

SOU English Students get Opportunity to Present at the Prestigious Northwest Undergraduate Conference on Literature

By Jewel Blanchard, senior English major

Read about the experiences of three talented SOU English majors who got to present their exemplary literature papers at the NUCL conference in Portland in March 2023. Featuring student perspectives from Blake Jordan, Emily Roach, and Connor Babbitt.