Restoration Project at Little Butte Creek Learn More

A Restoration Project at Little Butte Creek

The EcoAdventure to Little Butte Creek where students learned about creek and salmon habitat restoration.

Building Bridges and Connecting People to Wildlife SOU Alum Maya Smith Story Learn More

Building Bridges and Connecting People to Wildlife: SOU Alum Maya Smith’s Story

From Sequoia to Kings Canyon, Environmental Science & Policy grad Maya Smith continues collaborating with wildlife and contributing to lasting change.

SOU Students Support a Wildlife Project on I-5 Learn More

SOU Students Support a Wildlife Project on I-5

SOU Students learn about the complexity of local ecosystems and take up a project to build a wildlife crossing.

How SOU Alum Eli Polsky Revolutionized Wildland Fire Management Learn More

Transforming Wildland Fire Management: How SOU Alum Eli Polsky’s GIS Specializations Revolutionized Wildland Fire Management

Meet Eli Polsky, an SOU Environmental Science graduate who found his calling to build a business while fighting fires.

Pacific Tree Frog An Eco Adventure in the Mountains Read More

An Eco-Adventure in the Mountains

On February 2, 2024, the Winter Ecology Eco Adventure took place at Parsnip Lakes and Hyatt Lake (a 45-minute drive from SOU). It was led by Dr. Karen Mager, a professor in the Environmental Science department.

SOU Newport Ecoadventure on Facebook

Ecoadventure: Marine Science in Newport, Oregon

Our Fall Eco-Adventure course took us to the center of marine science on the West coast– Newport, OR.

SOU Ecoadventure Explore Ecuadors Andes and Amazon Cover

Ecoadventure: Explore Ecuador’s Andes and Amazon

We invite you, regardless of your major, to join us for an exciting 11-day journey to Ecuador! The course will focus on the impacts of tourism and development on the culture and environment of Ecuador.

SOU Environmental Science & Policy Blog Agricultural Futures Cover

Agricultural Futures: How might agriculture change in the future?

As environmental scientists, we are aware of many of the incredible challenges facing people and our environments, now and in the future. Climate change, human population growth, stressed water supplies (the list goes on and on) all challenge our basic ability to support our communities, and the ecosystems that support those communities. This includes our ability to grow and produce food for our ever-increasing population.

The Farm at SOU Wetland Restoration Story

The Farm at SOU: Wetland Restoration

Wetlands are characterized as an area where water is covering land that creates hydric soils and the ability to support wetland plants (hydrophytes); these can be freshwater, saltwater or estuarine (brackish water – a combination of the two).

SOU Eco Adventure Coastal Redwoods Smith River Read More

Ecoadventure: Coastal Redwoods Fall 2019

Kickstarting the Fall term with a Thursday night meeting, the Fall 2019 Eco-Adventure course gathered for the first time to meet each other and set clear expectations for the upcoming weeks.