SOU English Students Present at Prestigious Conferences Learn More

SOU English Students Present at Prestigious Conferences

As Spring term 2022 approached, four SOU English majors were invited to present their literary essays at prestigious national and regional conferences. Curtis Tedrow-Harder, Hannah Lombard and Blake Jordan presented their literary essays at the Northwest Undergraduate Conference on Literature, and Mekenzie Brock presented her paper at the Johns Hopkins University Richard Macksey Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Southern Oregon University Alumni Greta Mikkelsen Harry and David

Greta Mikkelsen ’10, Vice President Creative Services at Harry & David

Greta Mikkelsen came to SOU in 2010 as a returning student. She graduated with her BFA in Printmaking and Painting as well as her BA in English. Greta has had a successful career in marketing and now works at Harry & David as Vice President Creative Services.

SOU Graduate Mariah Roley 2017 on Speech Language Pathology Learn More

Mariah Roley ’17 on Speech-Language Pathology

Mariah Roley ’17 on Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-Language Pathology is a great career path for English majors. Mariah Roley graduated from SOU in 2017 and after completing higher education at Pacific University, she now works as a speech pathologist in Colorado.

Library Careers: More than just books!

What Can You Do with an English Major?

On February 2, 2022, the English program hosted a librarianship panel featuring six panelists with a wide range of experience in the library science field. Panelists Dale Vidmar, Melissa Anderson, Rio Picollo, Brystan Strong, Brenda Shelton, and Jasmine Waters share their stories and passion for librarianship.

Gabriel Howe and The Siskiyou Mountain Club English Program Stories SOU cover

Gabriel Howe and the Siskiyou Mountain Club

Catching Up with Alumni

In the midst of his BA in English at SOU, Gabriel Howe decided that he wanted to start a nonprofit organization. His immense passion for wilderness and wilderness-upkeep were just a few things that got the Siskiyou Mountain Club up and running. Now, with an extensive list of employees, volunteers and interns, Gabe’s nonprofit helps preserve the Siskiyou Mountains one trail at a time.

Michael Surgeon with Lady GaGa poster English Stories SOU cover

Michael Surgeon’s First Year Teaching

Catching Up with Alumni

Michael Surgeon is a 2021 graduate with a BA in English and a current MAT student. Michael balances being a student and a teacher while he teaches seventh grade at Scenic Middle School in Central Point. In his first few months of teaching, he has already learned so much about being a teacher and his passion has only grown. In this interview-style post, Michael shares his teaching journey thus far and how other English majors can get into the teaching field.

Jordan Hartman KPIX CBS5 English Program Stories at SOU cover

Jordan Hartman Discusses TV Production

What Can You Do with an English Major?

Jordan Hartman went from a fresh SOU graduate to working with KOBI-TV NBC5 in just a few short months. In college, he strove to be a TV producer, and now he works as a freelance producer with KPIX5 CBS in the San Francisco Bay Area. English majors are great candidates for TV producers and other jobs in the television field.

Teresa Connelly Hanah Cronin Kevin Boringot John Kellogg English Program Stories SOU cover

Rogue Valley Teachers visit the SOU English Program

Before finals week of fall term 2021, the SOU English Program hosted a panel of four Rogue Valley teachers. This event served as a resource for students who are interested in teaching. Kevin Boringot, John Kellogg, Teresa Connelly and Hanah Cronin answered an array of questions and gave great advice for potential teachers.

Peyton McGovern Catching Up with Alumni English Program Stories SOU cover

Peyton McGovern’s Nonprofit Journey

Catching Up with Alumni

Former SOU student and PSU alumni Peyton Humphries McGovern is putting her English major to work in her current position with AmeriCorps. She has also published work with The Immigrant Story advocating for women and immigrants.

Cloud Dragon Glass Bridge Vietnam Kelley Lusk English Stories Southern Oregon University cover

Kelley Lusk on Teaching in Vietnam

Where in the world?

After graduating from SOU in 2019, Kelley Lusk began their journey of teaching abroad in Vietnam. They worked in Phu Ly, Ha Nam, Vietnam for nearly a year, and now they work as a Print Book Editor for Blackstone Publishing.