SOU English Program 2022-2023 Year in Review Cover

2022-2023: Year in Review

By Jewel Blanchard, senior English major

As the 2022-2023 academic year draws to a close, we take a moment to reflect on and celebrate the highlights, accomplishments, and achievements of this year in our very first Year in Review blog story! Includes recognition of graduating seniors, faculty, English Program student workers, and other English students!

Wilson Elementary Students Visit SOU English Program at Southern Oregon University

Wilson Elementary Students Visit SOU

By Jewel Blanchard, senior English major

On May 9, Lady Vanderlip, SOU faculty in Spanish, facilitated a field trip of English Language Learners (ELLs) from a Medford 2nd grade class to get them thinking about college at an early age. The students and their teacher Maria Lumbreras visited the SOU campus, met Rocky the Raider, read a book written by senior Education major Jose Villalobos, and learned about art on campus. Featuring perspectives from Lady Vanderlip, Maria Lumbreras, and Jose Villalobos.

SOU Blog Blog on Facebook

The Blog Blog

By Jewel Blanchard, senior English major

No, that’s not a typo in the title– this is a blog post all about the blog! In this special edition of the blog, catch up with each of the three past and present English Program bloggers to learn more about their experience, and why YOU should consider applying for the blog internship for next year! Featuring past and present student blogger perspectives from Dianira Piceno, Sophia Lorusso, and Jewel Blanchard.

SOU English Students Present at Undergraduate Literature Conference Cover

SOU English Students get Opportunity to Present at the Prestigious Northwest Undergraduate Conference on Literature

By Jewel Blanchard, senior English major

Read about the experiences of three talented SOU English majors who got to present their exemplary literature papers at the NUCL conference in Portland in March 2023. Featuring student perspectives from Blake Jordan, Emily Roach, and Connor Babbitt.

SOU Blog English Majors in Action Blog Roll Photo

English Majors in Action: Community Memoir Writing

By Jewel Blanchard, senior English major

Two 2014 SOU English / Professional Writing alumni have written several memoirs in their careers, and are currently collaborating on a memoir for a World War II veteran in Medford. They discuss their process, what it’s like to write for memoir clients, and the importance of memoir as a genre.

Valentines Books SOU

Books we Love!

By Jewel Blanchard, senior English major

In honor of Valentine’s Day, some of the English Program faculty share a bit about the books they love, and why!

Know your Britt and learn about the history of Britt Hall

Know your Britt! The History of SOU’s Britt Hall

By Jewel Blanchard, senior English major

As the English Program is finally settling into its new home of Britt Hall, read on to learn about this building’s history, and the many changes it has undergone.

SOU English Degree Program Kelly Fogg-Johnson and Teresa Connelly

SOU Faculty and Students, Local Teachers Present at National Convention

By Jewel Blanchard, senior English major

Catching up with SOU faculty and graduate students, as well as local high school teachers about their experience planning and presenting at the recent National Council of Teachers of English conference. Featuring perspectives from SOU Faculty Margaret Perrow, Merrilynne Lundahl, and Nigel Waterton; high school teachers Kelly Fogg-Johnson, Camille Schuler, and Teresa Connelly; and SOU students Katrin Jerome and Julie Nelson.

SOU Farewell Dr Battistella Southern Oregon University Learn More

Honoring Dr. Edwin Battistella

By Jewel Blanchard, Senior English Major

Reflecting on Dr. Edwin Battistella’s extensive career, and nearly twenty-two years as a faculty member at SOU, we celebrate his accomplishments, the impact he’s made on the community, and where he is headed next upon his retirement at the end of this term. Including faculty perspectives from Dr. Battistella and his colleagues, as well as student/alumni perspectives from Emily Perry, Blake Jordan, and Levi Coren.

SOU Diane Heider English Blog Southern Oregon University Learn More

Oregon Writing Project at SOU: Diane Heider’s College Essay and Application Writing Camps

Oregon Writing Project at SOU

Diane Heider, a teacher-consultant for the Oregon Writing Project at SOU, hosts workshops for students who are interested in college. Her workshops help students get admitted to prestigious colleges and earn significant scholarships.