In this interview-style post, SOU Alumni Karreen Ghena ’11, gives insight on how she figured out her career path and ended up as an educator at North Valley High school in Grants Pass, OR, where she teaches English, Advanced Placement Composition, and Career Development.

Marketa Dominguez Adameova English Program Stories Where in the World SOU cover

The English Program at SOU is known for being uniquely diverse as it brings students in from many parts of the country, even the world. In this guest post, Marketa Dominguez-Adameova ’20 writes about her experience coming to the US.

Jesse Williamson Alumni English Program Stories Southern Oregon University cover

SOU alumni, Jesse Williamson, graduated in 1999 with an interdisciplinary B.S. in English and Computer Science, and then again in 2018 with an M.S. in Mathematical and Computer Sciences.

Emily Perry English Program Stories Southern Oregon University cover

Looking for a great read over the summer? In this post, some of our majors share some of their favorite books and authors of all-time.

In this three-way style interview, professors Alma Rosa Alvarez and Ed Battistella talk about their recent publications and writing process.

The English major at SOU offers a well-rounded undergraduate education, launching students to a variety of fulfilling careers. This featured series will explore the many career paths an English major can take after completing their degree at SOU.

MeKenzie Brock Recognized By National Symposium English Stories SOU cover

The English program at SOU would like to recognize the outstanding scholarship of three English majors: Michael Surgeon, MeKenzie Brock, and Taylor Madden. All three students recently submitted papers to the prestigious Johns Hopkins University Richard Macksey Undergraduate Research Symposium.

The Scholastic Art and Writing awards have left a lasting impression on English majors at SOU. Since 2016, the scholastic juror position has quickly been filled by English majors who are eager to read and judge the works of young writers across America.

Michael Kerr Charge Point English Interview Stories Southern Oregon University Cover

SOU alumni, Michael Kerr, graduated Summa Cum Laude Laude with a degree in English and Writing from SOU in 2009. After graduation, Kerr ventured into the writing world and has written for dozens of publications including VentureBeat, Portland Business Journal, Forbes, and the Financial Times.

Bryn Mosier English Interview Stories Southern Oregon University

There are lots of exciting ways for English majors at SOU to get involved in the community. What better way to start off the new year by applying for an internship! The English Program has an extensive list of internship and volunteer opportunities that cater to students’ interests and offer students valuable ways to put their English major to good use.