Sustainable Food Systems Micro Credential Southern Oregon

Sustainable Food Systems, Micro-Credential

The micro-credential in sustainable food systems prepares students entering into food system-related careers to better understand sustainable systems utilized in production, distribution, processing, sales, and waste reduction.

geographic information systems microcredentials environmental science and policy SOU

Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Micro-Credential

The Micro-credential in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) equips learners with the concepts and skills necessary to advance careers in the geospatial sciences.

foundation in sustainability and tourism microcredential business Southern Oregon University

Foundations of Sustainability and Tourism, Micro-Credential

By completing this Badge, learners gain an understanding of corporate sustainability and sustainable practices in the tourism business and destination development.

environmental research and data analysis microcredential Environmantal science and policy SOU

Environmental Research & Data Analysis, Micro-Credential

The micro-credential in Environmental Research & Data Analysis prepares students with advanced technical skills in research methods and data analysis in the environmental sciences broadly.

Community Planning Micro-credential badge Southern Oregon University

Community Planning, Micro-Credential

The micro-credential in Community Planning prepares students for a range of planning professions including transportation planning, land use planning, water resource planning, urban planning, and community development.

Certificate in Sustainable Tourism Southern Oregon University School of Business

Sustainable Tourism, Certificate

Take charge of your passions and learn how tourism businesses can contribute to global sustainability while being successful in the long run through the certificate in Sustainable Tourism.

SOU Certificate in Environmental Communication Southern Oregon University

Environmental Communication, Certificate

Enhance your skills in strategy, organization, and communication regarding urgent environmental issues.

SOU Sustainability Minor Degree Program Southern Oregon University

Sustainability, Minor

The Minor in Sustainability prepares students for a range of careers in environmental sustainability. Our unique curriculum is designed to integrate physical and natural sciences, social science, project management, and business.

Environmental Science Trip Field SOU

Environmental Science and Policy, Minor

A minor in Environmental Science & Policy integrates natural sciences and social sciences as a perfect compliment to any other degree program.