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The Tutoring Center at SOU: English-Major students Enhancing Student Success on Campus

As winter term is getting busier and busier, some students may need a little extra help getting through projects and papers. Thanks to the SOU Tutoring Center, located in the Hannon Library, where students can get help from some fantastic English-major and English-minor tutors, the stress of projects, midterms, and finals can be reduced.

Honors College Scholar Taylor Jackson: Balancing Brilliance on the Court and in the Lab

Taylor Jackson, an exceptional SOU Honors student, shows dedication to academic excellence, athletic prowess, and community impact.

Michele Pavilionis in Native American Studies

By Alex Auzas, SOU Ethnic & Racial Studies (ERS) Program

Interview with Michele Pavilionis about being an adjunct professor within Native American Studies.

Poems We Love

By Annalynn Mueller, English Major

Winter term is in full swing. As we approach week 5 Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. In the English department, one of the things we love is poetic expression! From poetry contests to poems adored by the English faculty, this post is sure to warm your heart.

SOU English Alum Working at SOU

By Annalynn Mueller, English Major

Many graduates of the SOU English program have stayed local and now work for the university. They represent a diverse range of ways to use English degrees, and help out the SOU community every day!

Math Students Gain Invaluable Experience Exploring Symmetry in Summer Research Program

SOU Students Will and Daniel join an ongoing research project surrounding classical and nonclassical symmetries of differential equations.

New Instrumentation Offers Students State-of-the-Art Research Opportunities

A new Bruker instrument was recently delivered to Southern Oregon University’s Chemistry department, opening new and exciting paths.

Annual Bringing Culture to the Table 2023

By Alex Auzas, SOU Ethnic & Racial Studies (ERS) Program

This event took place on November 15th, 2023 at the Social Justice and Equity Center by the Multicultural Coalition.

Wildlife Safari Summer Internship: An Honors College Substantive Educational Experience

Sophia Reggiani spent the summer of 2022 at the Wildlife Safari Zoo gaining experience working and interacting with animals.

Michael Parker, “The Convivial Artist”

Michael Parker is no ordinary teacher and no ordinary artist. In fact, his enthusiasm for teaching socially engaged art is exhilarating.