SOU Sarah Grulikowski Honors Scholar Learn More

Meet Sarah Grulikowski: Our Proudly Graduating Senior!

Sarah Grulikowski shares her views of what made her time as an Honors Scholar special, and some of the perks that came along with it.

Meet Tiana Gilliland 2021-2025 Tribal Nations Honors Scholar Read More

Meet Tiana Gilliland: Our 2021-2025 Tribal Nations Honors Scholar

Tiana Gilliland is an enrolled member with Shasta Indian Nation and is the second Tribal Nations Honors Scholar in the Honors College. Tiana’s tribe is located in northwestern California and southwestern Oregon and she wants to learn more about the culture of other Native Americans and share her own knowledge that she has to offer.

SOU Ezra Farner Honors Scholar Learn More

Meet Ezra Farner: Look Who Just Had Their Work Published!

Congratulations goes to Ezra Farner, whose photography piece “Obliquity” was published in the December 2020 issue of The Palouse Review.

SOU Hannah Brandt Honors Scholar Learn More

Meet Hannah Brandt: Humane Leadership after the Almeda Fire

A junior-year Honors student at Southern Oregon University, Hannah Brandt utilized her talents to come forward during a time of crisis.

SOU Maria Rojas Honors Scholar Learn More

Meet the Honors College McNair Scholars: Maria and Turtle!

The McNair Scholar program at SOU supports students from underrepresented populations in their research and preparation for graduate school.

SOU Danya Torp Honors Scholar Learn More

Meet Danya Torp: Life Through the Pandemic

Danya Torp’s video journal combines footage and poetry that reflects her personal, emotional, and poetic journey through the pandemic.

SOU McKayla C Dumore 2020 Tribal Nations Honors Scholar Learn More

Meet McKayla C. Dumore: 2020-2024 Tribal Nations Honors Scholar

McKayla C. Dumore is a proud member of the Klamath and Modoc Tribes. McKayla is SOU Honors College’s first Tribal Nations Scholar.