Southern Oregon University Outdoor Adventure Leadership Preogram Mt. Diller

Ryan Brim: Last Few Turns Before Last Few Finals

Winter is over for most students here at SOU but for two students Ryan Brim and Jared Seiders, they were not willing to accept this fact. Instead, they trekked deep into Mount Lassen National park to find the last few turns they could before returning to take the last few finals they would ever have to take in their college careers.

OAL Olympus Mons Tom Shaw Blog Over

Tom Shaw Blogs: From Grizzly Peak to Mars the Moon and Back!

Mars also has the largest system of volcanoes in the Solar System with Olympus Mons as the big kahuna of all volcanoes in the Solar System. It is 2.5 times larger than Mt Everest.

Compass Blog Featured Image

Tom Shaw Blogs: Compass Conundrums

I was standing on Grizzly Peak, taking the final field test for my Navigation Class and my compass needle was not pointing North. Why was Big Red (The red end of your compass needle) not behaving? The troublemaker, in this case, was Grizzly Peak itself.

Tom Shaw Blogs College Orientation Southern Oregon University

Tom Shaw Blogs: College Orientation

The setting of this evening stroll was Grizzly Peak, the 23 million year old remnant of an ancient volcano that once stood 10,000 ft tall but currently stands at 5922 ft. The peak itself is named after an infamous grizzly bear from well over 100 years ago.

SOU Master of Outdoor Adventure and Expedition Leadership Tom Shaw Week 1 Featured

Tom Shaw Blogs: An Introduction

Are you passionate about preserving the environment? Have you wondered what the heck is an ecological self? And do the principles of Leave No Trace (LNT) still apply if you see the world through the lens of the ecological self? My mind was blown when the topic of ecological self came up in the Minimal Impact Adventuring class I am currently taking here at SOU.

SOU Outdoor Adventure Klamath River Trip Video

OAL Spring Immersion 2018: Klamath River

Week four of Spring Immersion found us floating down the Klamath River. While previous weeks involved splitting our cohort into two or three groups for separate adventures, this week involved applying multi-day expedition techniques in the river environment with the entire group.

SOU Outdoor Adventure Smith Rock State Park Trip Video

Spring Immersion 2018: Smith Rock State Park Trip

For week three, we traveled to northern California for sea kayaking and central Oregon for rock climbing. On Shasta Lake, we experimented with self-support human-powered travel as we toured the lake in sea kayaks. In central Oregon, we base-camped on BLM land and explored Smith Rock.

OAL Spring Immersion 2018 Bend and North Umpqua

Spring Immersion 2018: Bend and North Umpqua

For week two – We traveled to Bend, OR, one of the mountain biking meccas of Oregon and practiced base camping skills – then we traveled to the North Umpqua to practice base camping skills involving kitchen set up and breakdown for a large group.