Southern Oregon University Outdoor Adventure Leadership Preogram Mt. Diller

Winter is over for most students here at SOU but for two students Ryan Brim and Jared Seiders, they were not willing to accept this fact. Instead, they trekked deep into Mount Lassen National park to find the last few turns they could before returning to take the last few finals they would ever have to take in their college careers.

Read More about the Communication Online Minor Program Southern Oregon University Student at Computer

Starting in 2019, SOU students can complete a minor in Communication Studies fully online! These online courses provide flexibility as you complete your SOU degree, while also helping you to navigate your career and family life.

SOU Students Screen Work at Ashland Independent Film Festival Learn More

The 2019 season of the Ashland Independent Film Festival opened Thursday, April 11, and many SOU students will see their names on the big screen.

SOU Hypertext Hotel VR

Early in the 2019 Winter term, Arellano enlisted two all-star EMDA students, Andrew Masek, and Quinn Jacobus, to model 3D rooms based on the original writing in the recovered HTML files. Masek and Jacobus have since created, in just 12 weeks, the first iteration of Hypertext Hotel – VR.