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Southern Oregon University

From Business to Criminal Justice, from Education to Outdoor Adventure Leadership, from Biology to Music and Theatre, SOU offers a world of opportunity through a variety of majors, minors, certificates, and other learning opportunities.

Undecided on your major? You're not alone! Nearly one-third of students enroll in SOU without knowing what they want to major in. Take classes in all different disciplines, explore your interests, and discover the right path for you.

MAJORS (Bachelor of Arts or Science)

Art  (additional BFA option available)
Human Service
Biology  Innovation and Leadership
Business Administration*§  Interdisciplinary Studies
Accounting International Studies*
Hospitality and Tourism Management                 Language and Culture - Spanish*
Management Mathematics*
Marketing Mathematics-Computer Science
Chemistry Music (additional BM option available)
Chemistry/Biochemistry Nursing (Oregon Health & Science University)
Forensic Chemistry
Outdoor Adventure Leadership
Communication* Political Science
Communication Studies Psychology*
Digital Cinema Sociology and Anthropology*
Social Media and Public Engagement Theatre Arts
Computer Science*§ Acting
Creative Writing* (BFA available)
Criminal Justice*§ Directing
Early Childhood Development†  Dramaturgy
Economics* Film Techniques
Elementary Education*§ Shakespeare Studies
Emerging Media & Digital Arts§ Sound
English* Stage Lighting
Environmental Science and Policy Stage Management
Financial Mathematics Stage Scenery
Health and Physical Education*§

* Participates in the three-year Accelerated Baccalaureate Degree Program
§ Participates in the three-year Jackson/Josephine County Pledge Program
† Degree completion program- requires special admission procedures


If you already have a career in mind, SOU offers several pre-professional programs to start you on your path. You'll spend one to four years on the SOU campus learning how to be an innovative thinker and creative problem solver under our liberal arts curriculum, then transfer to a professional school to complete your technical education. 

Chiropractic Medicine             Optometry
Dental Hygiene Pharmacy
Dentistry Physical Therapy
Law Physician’s Assistant
Medical Technology Psychology, Counseling, Social Work, 
Medicine          or Human Service
Occupational Therapy                                       Veterinary Medicine

Several of these programs even offer partnerships between SOU and various professional institiutions: 

Chiropractic: Western States Chiropractic College
Dental Hygiene: Oregon Institute of Technology
Medical Technology: Oregon Health Sciences University
Optometry: Pacific University


SOU offers degree completion programs for students who have already completed approximately two years of college or an Associate of Arts degree; or, for our Bachelor of Applied Science programs, relevant work experience may apply. Classes are offered in the evenings and on weekends in Medford and Ashland, and some are available online.

Bachelor of Applied Science Criminology and Criminal Justice
       Hospitality and Tourism Management Early Childhood Development
       Management Human Service
Business Administration Innovation and Leadership


SOU offers a wide variety of minors that will supplement your degree and make you competitive in the workforce. You can also select a minor unrelated to your major simply to explore an area of study that you are passionate about!

Applied Statistics History                                                                 
Art International Studies
Art History Latin American Studies
Biology Mathematics
Business Administration Mathematics Education
Chemistry Military Science
Communication Studies Music
Computer Science Native American Studies
Creative Writing
Outdoor Adventure Leadership
Criminal Justice
Digital Cinema
Political Science
Digital Journalism Psychology
Early Childhood Development
Rhetoric and Reason
Economics Shakespeare Studies
Social Justice
Emerging Media & Digital Arts
Social Science
English Sociology & Anthropology
Environmental Science & Policy
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies  


At SOU, you can also earn a certificate in your field of interest to increase your knowledge, expertise, and marketability. A certificate demonstrates your commitment to and passion for your chosen discipline, giving you a competitive edge in the workplace.

Accounting, Postbaccalaureate                          Management of Human Resources
Applied Finance and Economics Native American Studies
Business Information Systems Nonprofit Management
Conflict Resolution Regional Studies and Applied Research
Cultural Resource Management Sustainability Leadership
Interactive Marketing and E-Commerce  


The graduate curriculum at SOU offers a wide variety of programs tailored to the needs of our diverse student body.  You can expect meaningful and up-to-date coursework provided by a well-qualified and caring faculty.  Your program of study is developed in consultation with your graduate advisor and is designed to meet the major school and graduate study requirements.

Master in Business Administration
Master in Education (MEd) and Continuing License Program (MA or MS)
Master of Science in Environmental Education
Master of Arts in French Language Teaching
Master in Interdisciplinary Studies
Master in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MA or MS)
Master of Music in Performance
Master of Arts in Spanish Language Teaching
Master of Education in Special Education
Master of Arts in Teaching
Master of Theatre Studies in Production and Design